Suicide Punks Studios

Suicide Punks is a  film production facility  based in New York State.  At our studio the focus is on the creation of original content for the web and indie film circuit.  In addition to producing our own film projects, music, and music videos we are also offering our services to industry professionals who are in need of high quality footage and sound recordings of New York City and its surrounding areas, en est. New Jersey and Connecticut.  While our preferred geographic region of focus is the Tri State area (NY., CT., NJ) we will consider filming in other locations throughout the Northeastern and Southeastern United States, but all travel and lodging costs associated with filming in these locations will be at the client's expense.  Additionally, we are capable of providing original music scores, and will sell or license these compositions according to client needs.

At present we are using  the eos 5d mark II and eos 7d for video acquisition.  We also use a combination of Canon L series glass and Zeiss Prime lenses.  For ambient sound capture, we use a host of portable field recorders and internal and external mics.

For questions about products and services that we provide, pricing and terms, send your inquiries  to:
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